I put together a show about my life and performed it for Marilyn Fox, artistic director of Pacific Resident Theatre. Afterwards, she emailed me the following: “Orson, I was so blown away and deeply moved by your show. I keep thinking about it. I was moved to tears often and laughing the rest of the time. I want to produce it here at PRT. I believe it could really go to Broadway.” The upshot: We start previews Oct. 15. The great Guillermo Cienfuegos has agreed to direct it (fresh from his triumphs with Henry V and The Homecoming).

U.S. Premiere! AUTUMN AND WINTER examines the relationship of older parents and their two adult daughetrs, during their regular monthly dinner. The play is rich, and powerfully emotional with bursts of humor, “Well worth experiencing if you have a taste for domestic combat.” –Michael Billington, The Guardian.


A Touch of the Poe “In drawing the story’s marvelously contradictory hero, O’Neill has distilled themes of Irish drama to something like their pure essence and lent them a sophisticated heartbreak all his own.” – Jeremy McCarter, New York Magazine



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