Fall Fruit. 10 readings of new works. Featuring the work of: michelle kholos brooks, david byrd, michael joseph carr and chandus t. jackson, virgina carter, valerie dillman, wendy graf, tania gutsche, vince melocchi


SAFE AT HOME, An Evening with Orson Bean Directed by Guillermo Cienfuegos.  I put together a show about my life and performed it for Marilyn Fox, artistic director of Pacific Resident Theatre. Afterwards, she emailed me the following: “Orson, I was so blown away and deeply moved by your show. I keep thinking about it. I was moved to tears often and laughing the rest of the time. I want to produce it here at PRT.

The Dock Brief.  A perfect jewel of a play” – British Sunday Times.
In THE DOCK BRIEF, an unsuccessful barrister has been waiting for years go make a grandstand defense. He is overjoyed when he is assigned to defend an innocuous little man accused of murdering his wife. “Comedy is, to my mind, the only thing worth writing in this despairing age, providing it is comedy which is truly on the side of the lonely, the neglected and unsuccessful.” John Mortimer

WILL: The family of a great artist struggles to preserve his reputation and to make sense of his new style of painting. As William slips into dementia they are forced to confront their beliefs about the true nature of art, the conflict between intention and instinct, and the responsibility they bear as the guardians of his legacy.




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