THE ECCENTRICITIES OF A NIGHTINGALE. The play centers on the complex relationship between a sensitive and lonely young woman, and a young doctor. Her touching attempts to sway his emotions and his uncertainty as to where his heart should lead him take the audience on a moving journey.

My Girlfriend is an Alien. To find “the one” can be a search far and wide, perhaps to other worlds. But when green slime and tentacles become involved, it’s downright hilarious. A new play from the folks who brought you the Fried Meat Trilogy!


Two Plays by Anthony Minghella Readings of “Hang-Up” and “Cigarettes and Chocolate” Directed by Michael Peretzian.  Well before embarking on his career as a film and television writer/director in the US, Anthony Minghella wrote HANG UP. Originally written as a narrative for a dance piece, it was subsequently broadcast as a play for the BBC, as was CIGARETTES AND CHOCOLATE.

The characters live in the time of Margaret Thatcher’s government and serve as a mirror of the society in which they lived, imperfect human beings who nevertheless have a capacity for good. Though written in the late 1980′s, these stories seem amazingly familiar to us today.


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