The Homecoming.  A darkly sexual comedy of power, set in 1960’s North London. Teddy returns home after living in America for the past six years to introduce his wife to the family. This daring classic challenges expectations of power and gender, and shows us that people are seldom what they appear.

A Celebration of Harold Pinter. In 2005 Harold Pinter asked Mr. Sands to prepare a set of his poems for a special presentation in London.  Working closely with Pinter, he was granted a rare insight into his personality, life, and work. This extraordinary collaboration evolved into a wonderfully humorous and fascinating solo show directed by John Malkovich.Be a part of the audience for this evening of Homeric theater with an extraordinary actor. The performance gets to the soul of the man — poet, playwright, husband, political activist, nobel winner . . . mortal.

The Ballad of Barback: The story of a multi-addicted actor’s journey through high-end restaurants in LA. A comedy about the ironies of addiction, recovery, and restaurants, it speaks to all people: a message that especially when the path is hardest, it is worth it to follow your dreams even though sometimes you may get stuck in the armpit of your dream . . .


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