What is the PRT Co-Op?

The Co-op is the heart of Pacific Resident Theatre. With a current membership of over 100 Full Members, 14 Journeymen, and dozens of Associate Members, the Co-Op was formed in 1985 to allow our members to produce workshop productions of their choice. Since 1985 the Co-Op has produced over 125 shows, allowing members the chance to act, direct and produce. Since the Co-Op workshop productions are free of commercial constraints (no reviews and a budget that covers little more than the cost of the rights), members often have opportunities to take on roles which offer tremendous challenges.

Co-Op members are involved in virtually every facet of the operation of PRT. Each one provides countless hours of off stage volunteer labor to help other members with their productions and carry out the work necessary for running the Mainstage Subscription Series. This mutual sharing of creative energies is why the Co-Op is indeed the heart of the Pacific Resident Theatre.

“My only talent is that I love this little world inside the thick walls of this playhouse . . . Outside is the big world, and sometimes the little world succeeds for a moment in reflecting the big world, so that we understand it better. Or is it perhaps that we give the people who come here the chance of forgetting for a while . . . the harsh world outside. Our theatre is a small room of orderliness, routine, conscientiousness and love.” - Franny and Alexander

PRT Co-Op Show History

Production Author Director Year
4000 Miles Amy Herzog Ann Bronston Sept. 2015
24 Hour Plays 5 Writers 5 Directors May 2007
A Christmas Memory Truman Capote Michael Peretzian Dec 2009
A Delicate Balance Edward Albee Elina de Santos. Jan 2003
A Dozen Innocents Bruce Whitney
A Telephone Call Dorothy Parker Susan Obrow 1989
A Touch Of The Poet Eugene O’Neil Robert Bailey May 2016
Alice in Wonderland* Lewis Carroll Stephanie Shroyer
Aliens Steven Morris Stephanie Shroyer May 1990
All My Sons Arthur Miller Matt Gottlieb Jan 2000
American Comedy Richard Nelson Scott Lincoln 1990
Antioch Kevin Monk Kevin Monk
An Ideal Wife Oscar Wilde Sarah Knight Jun 2001
Another 24 Hours PRT Writers Group Sep 2007
Arrivals/Departures Tania Katan & Daniele Nathanson Molly Schaffer Mar 2002
Aven’U Boys Frank Puskese Kathy Scambiaterra Jul 1997
Awake and Sing Cliford Odets Elina De Santos Apr 1993
The Beauty Queen of Leenane Martin McDonagh Ann Bronston November 2014
Baltimore Waltz Paula Vogel Deborah Glenn July-Aug 2003
Betrayal* Harold Pinter Tom McDermott Jun 2002
Bettys Summer Vacation Christopher Durang Tassos Pappas Jul 2005
Beyond Therapy Christopher Durang Stephen Robertson Oct-Nov 2002
Bird Brain Tony Pasqualini Michael Rothhaar March 2011
Birds Do It L. R. Gordon Stephen Nichols Sep 2009
Blast Kate Axelrod – Karen Landry Kate Axelrod – Karen Landry Apr 2006
Blue Jay Singing In The Dead of Night Dale Griffiths Stamos Deborah Levine August 2011
Blood and Milk John Rafter Lee Norman Scott
Bobbies Big Time Variety Show Written and Directed by Tom McCleister Written and Directed by Tom McCleister Oct 2006
Blunt Force Shanti Reinhardt

Keith Stevenson May 2014
Brolem Yule Caise Scott Conte and Sean Lewellyn April 2014
Broit un Troit The Little Gentleman by Yale Udoff Jordan Baker Feb 2005
Reuben & Son Sybil Rosen
Brutal Language of Love Ginna Carter & John Ryker O¹Hara Casey Biggs and Ken Meseroll July-Aug 2002
Cabaret Carolyn Mignini Carolyn Mignini Dec 2001
Candida* George Bernard Shaw Michael Rothhaar
The Caretaker Harold Pinter Loren Lester
Chamber Music Stephanie Shroyer
No Problem and Change Jeffery Bowman Andrew D. Weyman Feb 1990
Charles’ Story Murray Mednick Ann Bronston and Lesley Williams Mar 2009
Cherry Orchard, The Anton Chekhov Kevin Quinn Apr 1993
Children A. R. Gurney Joe Olivieri Mar 1999
Christmas Extravaganza Tom Mccleister Tom Mccleister Dec 2004
Closer Patrick Marber Alexander Enberg Sep 2005
Cocktail Party T. S. Eliot Loren Lester Mar 1994
The Closet Tania Myren Tania Myren
Come Back Little Sheba William Inge Melinda Culea 1992
Come Home and Finish the Proust Mel Shapiro Mel Shapiro July 2014
Concealing Judy Holliday Wendy Johnson Guillermo Cienfuegos October 2010
Come Down To Carolton County John Collison Frank Collison
Conduct of Life, The Maria Irene Fornes
Coyote in Blue Mountains Jennifer Taub Bruce Whitney
Crimes and Crimes August Strindberg Ulrika Brand Jul 1988
d-th-n-v-nc Mary Jo Deschanel Mariclare Costello Aug/Sept 2014
Day of the Dead Jennifer Taub Jennifer Taub
Day They Shot John Lennon, The James McClure Stephanie Shroyer May-89
Death of A Salesman Arthur Miller Elina de Santos Spring 2006
Death of Tintagiles, The Maurice Maeterlinck Paul Dounian 1988
Deep in the Heart Terry Dodd Rick Parks Nov 1988
The Dig Stacie Chaiken Stacie Chaiken September 2014
Dinner With Friends Donald Margulies Ann Bronston March 2017
Divided Mel Shapiro Joe OLIVIER Nov 2003
Divorcons* Sardou/Najac Caroline McWilliams
Don’t Go Back To Rockville Jamie Baker Jamie Baker
Dottie Ginna Carter Steve Albrezzi Aug 2005
Dutchman Amiri Baraka Norman Scott Feb 1998
Entertaining Mr. Sloane Joe Orton John Perrin Flynn Jul 2007
Fall Fruit 2016 Writers Group Writers Group October 2016
Fall Fruit Writers Group Writers Group November 2015
Family Planning Michelle Kholos Brooks Michael Rothhaar October 2012
Female Transport Steve Gooch
Figures Vince Melocchi. David Nathan Schwartz Aug 2001
Final Placement
The Foreigner Larry Shue Neil H. Weiss November 2013
Four Dogs and a Bone John Patrick Shanley Dalia Vosylius March 2014
Fragile Life Shiva Rose Elina De Santos Sep 2009
Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune Terrance McNally Doug Markley Jul 2004
Frankincense John Rafter Lee Diane Hurley August 2014
Fuddy Meers David Lindsay-Abaire Julia Fletcher Jun 2011
Galileo Bertolt Brecht Stephanie Shroyer/Elina de Santos Jul 2010
GAPS In The Fossil Record Matt Letscher Martha Hackett Jun 2009
Ghosts Henrik Ibsen John Boaz Jan-Feb 2002
The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams Brad Greenquist Feb 2007
Glengarry Glen Ross David Mamet Tom McDermott Oct 2010
The Goatwoman of Corvis County Christine Whitley Adele Cabot Aug 2010
Graceland Ellen Byron Jodi Thelan/Geri Gordon Miller
Gus and Emily Rebecca Schull

Craig Abell-Champion February 2013
Harold and Maude Colin Higgins William Lithgow Sept 2010
Hedda Gabler Henrik Ibsen. Richard Fancy Sep 2001
Hedda Gabler Henrik Ibsen. MAUREEN TEEFY Nov 2009\
Hello Out There & Birdbath William Saroyan and Leonard Melfi Scott Conte and Alexander Enberg Jan 2006
Henry V Adapted by Guillermo Cienfuegos & Joe McGovern Directed by Guillermo Cienfuegos Sept 2013
How I Learned To Drive Paula Vogel Jessica Bard May 2010
HURLY BURLY David Rabe Katy Silverstone Nov 2006
I Take Your Hand In Mine Carol Rocamora Guillermo Cienfuegos March 2016
I’ll Die Happy Oliver Goldstick Douglas Sills May 1991
Inadmissible Evidence John Osborne Tom McDermott 2001
I am to die Soon Jake Arnette Jonathan Munoz-Proulx August 2013
In The Boom Boom Room David Rabe Bruce Whitney/ David Dionisio Oct 2000
Informed Consent Daniel Freudenberger Peter Levin Jul 2006
Internal Bleeding Dana Coen Dana Coen May 1997
Island Of Brilliance Dawn O’Leary Orson Bean Nov 2010
June Second William Faulkner D. Paul Yeuell Jul 1987
Kafka’s Dick Alan Bennett Barbara Kallit Nov 2007
Karma Boomerang Robert Bailey Joe Pintauro May-June 2005
Keeping Faith Alex Peabody Elizabeth Hyer Rose Feb-March 2006
King Lear in 90 Minutes Adapted From Shakespeare by Tom Beyer Tom Beyer April 2013
L.A. Stories, The Michael Corrigan Michael Corrigan
Laundrey & Bourbon and Lone Star
Life and Limb Keith Reddin Randy Ogles
Lions Workshop Production Vince Melocchi Guillermo Cienfuegos Oct – Dec 2008
Little Ones Casey Daley
Lily Dale Horton Foote Crystal Brian 1994
Long Day’s Journey Into Night Eugene O’Neil Alec Doyle Dec 2002
Looking for Louie Stacie Chaiken Claire Carey 2000
Los Angeles Julian Sheppard. Dan Bonnell Oct 2002
The Lover Harold Pinter Apr 1987
Loves Me … Loves Me Not Rachel Avery, Matthew Elkins, Kristin Iazetta, Tracie Lockwood Feb 2010
Loyalties Tony Pasqualini David Gautreaux Oct 2009
Lydie Breeze John Guare Jim Schultz
MACBETH, A Kid’s Cautionary Tale Shakespeare (adaptaion by Nancy Linehan Charles ) Michael Rothhaar Apr 1998
MacBeth Shakespeare Nancy Linehan Charles Oct 2008
Maggie: A Girl of the Streets based on Stephen Crane’s Story Brian Colburn Crystal Brian Jun 1997
Man of Mode, The Sir George Etheredge Elizabeth Huffman Apr 1997
Man With A Load of Mischief, The Ben Taver/John Clifton Stephen Posner
Marat/Sade Peter Weiss Stanley Soble Aug 1995
Master Builder, The* Henrik Ibsen Gar Campbell Nov 1998
Mauritius Theresa Rebeck Elina de Santos November 2011
A Midsummer Night’s Dream or The Night They Missed the Forest for the Trees William Shakespeare adapted by Nancy Linehan Charles Sarah Zinsser Sep 2001
Misanthrope, The Jean Baptiste Poquelin De Moliere Ulrika Brand Apr 1991
Misanthrope, The Poquelin De Moliere Matt Gottlieb May 2003
More Perfect Union Jul 2008
Mother Tongue, The Oliver Goldstick Howard Shangraw 1992
Mother’s Day Mark Donnelley Bob Jacobs May 1990
My Girlfriend is an Alien Keith Defacto Guillermo Cienfuegos

June 2016
My Mother and Marilyn Monroe Catherine Gillet Jodi Thelan/Geri Gordon Miller
Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music
Nora Ingmar Bergman / Ibsen Dana Dewes February 2012
Night Breath Dennis Clontz. Stuart W. Howard Spring 1994
Not Enough Rope Elaine May Judith Borne Apr 1987
No Problem Catherine Butterfield Andrew D. Weyman Feb 1990
Of Mice And Men John Steinbeck Diane Hurley Jun 2004
Oleana David Mamet Casey Biggs
Othello William Shakespeare Jamie Hanes Feb 1995
Our Town Thornton Wilder Bill Lithgow October 2009
Our Town Thornton Wilder Bill Lithgow Dec 2009
Out Go the Lights Josiah Polhemus
Overtones Stephanie Shroyer
Past Curfew Arthur M. Jolly Danielle Ozymandias April 2010
Playing With Fire/The Stronger August Strindberg Nina Franoszek
Prayer For My Daughter Thomas Babe Scott Williams Apr 1988
The Private Ear Peter Shaffer Michael Rothhaar Jun 1999
PROOF David Auburn Elina de Santos Mar 2007
PRT Writers Group Multiple Multiple Nov-Dec 2002
Pygmalion Bernard Shaw Tom McDermott Jun 2003
Rachel Ray Henry Ong Martin Bedoian Jun 2010
Raised In Captivity Nicky Silver Matthew Elkins Feb 2004
Random Acts Directed By Guillermo Cienfuegos, Danielle Ozymandias, Dominic Hoffman Produced by: Dalia Vosylius, Keith Stevenson, Tara Donovan Feb – March 2013
RELATIVE MADNESS Peter Mellencamp Michael Rothhaar Aug – Sept 2003
Revenger’s Tragedy Cyril Tourner Elizabeth Huffman Jul 1994
Richard The Second Tom Beyer Tony Pasqualini May 2006
Rhythm of Torn Stars, The Miguel Pinero, Maggie DeVries, Michael Lally, and Eleanor Nauen and other various contemporary poets Julian Neil inspired by Diane Thompson Aug 1988
Rum & Coke Keith Reddin Randy Ogelsby 1980s
Sara’s War Valerie Dillman Matt McKenzie March 2010
Seagull, The Anton Chekhov Marilyn Fox Mar 1992
Shadow of a Gunman Sean Casey Paul O’Brien 2000
Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window, The Lorraine Hansberry Elizabeth Bell-Haynes Feb 1996
Skyscraper David Auburn Chris McCabe Sep 1998
Skylight David Hare Paul Perri Aug 2010
Sources Say Lisa Nichols, Vince Melocchi,Tania Gutsche, Neil Mcgowan, Rebecca Crandall, Valerie Dillman,Judith Scott Judith Scott Sep 2006
South Central Rain Jamie Baker Victor Pappas
Split & At Home Michael Weller Paul Nicholas/Steve Marcus
Spring Awakening Frank Wedekind Paul Dounian
Stanton’s Garage Joan Ackerman Sarah Zinsser Aug 2007
Standing On My Knees Stephanie Shroyer
Stopping the Desert Glen Merzer Martin Curland
Sound and the Fury William Faulkner Anthony Grumbach & D. Paul Yeuell
Stuck The PRT Writers Group: Nancy Linehan Charles and Valerie Dillman Nov 2004
Summer and Smoke Tennessee Williams Alan Cooke Dec 1991
SuBurbia Eric Bogosian Doug Oliphant June 2013
Simpatico Sam Shepard Tom McDermott Jun 2007
Table Manners Alan Ayckbourn Carla Obert Nov 1997
Time Of Your Life William Saroyan Matt McKenzie Feb 2008
Three Sisters Anton Chekhov Stacy Ray Mar 1991
The Ballad of the Barback Andrew Dits Andrew Dits August 2015
The Caretaker Harold Pinter Scott Jackson Aug 2004
The Contest Jennifer Rowland Sarah Zinsser Aug 2008
The Idyllic World Of Lillian Cortessi Tony Pasqualini Edward Edwards August/Sept 2012
The Director Stephen Schieneman Stephen Schieneman Apr 2001
The Lion in Winter James Goldman Michael Cooper December 2016
The Workroom Jean-Claude Grumberg Tom McDermott Dec 2001
Threesome – Three Original Plays Translation by Daniel A. Stein and Sara O’Connor Scott Jackson Scott Jackson May 2013
Therese Raquin Neal Bell Casey Biggs Feb-March 2003
The Valiant Holworthy Hall & Robert Middlemass Dana Dewes March-April 2005
THE LAST VAUDEVILLIAN Cyndy Fujikawa Julia Fletcher June 2015
Trips Cinch Phyllis Nagay Phyllis Nagay Nov-Dec 2011
Turn Of The Screw Robert Bailey Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher, From the Story by Henry James Nov 2005
Two Henrys Kenneth Jones Ann Bronston Nov 2016
Venice Kathleen McGhee-Anderson Marla Blakey Oct 2003
Voices In The Woods Donald Fidler Martha Hackett Oct 1995
Waiting for Godot Samuel Beckett Michael Rothhaar Nov 1995
Waiting for Lefty Clifford Odets
Way We Live Now, The Susan Sontag Billy Ingram Feb 1998
Welcome To The Moon John Patrick Shanley Kathy Scambiatterra Jun 1995
Welcome To Santa Vince Melocchi Guillermo Cienfuegos December 2012
Whatever Happened To? Megan Wright Elina de Santos January 2017
Will Bruce Glassman Michael Rothhaar October 2015
Wrecked Mary Portser Robert Burgos August 2015
Woman In Mind Alan Ayckbourn Tony Pasqualini Feb 2006
Writers Group Various Various Dec 2002